Docker the big buzz word these days, so what is it? In simple terms, it is a platform for building, running and shipping applications in a consistent manner.

Have you come across this common problem where you application works on your machine, but doesn’t work on other machines?

Designing RESTful APIs is a topic that is covered by many. But with all that content available, it quite a cumbersome tasks to select out the best approach to be taken for naming RESTful API endpoints which follows the standards. Therefore, in this mini article we will be looking into a simplified analysis of the what I consider is a good approach to take when naming your RESTful API Endpoints.

Identify the resources

Firstly you have to identify what resources you can identify from a given scenario. This can be the nouns. For example, user, game, weather, etc. …

You may have come across the dreaded import error in python like the one below:

No module named ----- 

This is actually a simple error you can fix in no time. This may usually be a simple fix you can make through Visual Studio Code.

Before anything I highly recommend you to work with a virtual environment like Anaconda to manage all your packages.

Firstly, open up visual studio code and in your terminal check whether you are in your virtual environment. You can move into your virtual environment by typing in ‘conda activate (virtual environment name)’. …

So, you started to develop your MERN Stack application, and just then you have a task to integrate a machine learning model or a python script with your application. You don’t have time to switch your whole application to use flask now 😕. Well guess what? You can connect you python script to your Node JS backend in a matter of minutes.

To get started with AWS configuration, firstly you will need to install the AWS Command Line Interface(CLI), which you can install here:

The AWS CLI, is basically a tool which will help you manage your AWS services right through the command line. Go through the above given link for more details in regards to this.

Once you run the CLI installation, go to you command line, and run the following command:

aws --version

Set the AWS path in your environmental variables, if you need help through this, go through the link below:

Once all of these are done, you can…

A wireless network helps devices to connect to a network so that users can roam freely without the need of any wires, eliminating the need for fixed desktop computers as stated by Salvador (1994). These wireless networks help in user’s convenience, mobility, expandability and much more. However, there are some drawbacks of using wireless networks than wired networks. One major concern is security.

Wireless networks are said to require more security since they are more likely to be prone to threats than wired networks (Anonymous, 2004). …

Linking Between Applications

I was going through some research and found out that developers face a bit of a challenge in linking an app through another app in ionic, with the process being so simple.

Linking between apps means the ability to open an external application that is on your mobile through the app you are currently on.

There are several different plugins that I have tested out with, below are some that are available.

From the few plugins being available, most developers try to find the best solution to come up with. …

Ever wondered the process on how your meal landed on to the table, fresh and desirable to consume. Blockchain is making a positive impact on the food ecosystem, making a major breakthrough in the food industry. Creating a shared distributed ledger of transactions over a decentralised peer-to-peer network. Shaping the way consumers get to know about how their food landed on the table.

What is Blockchain?

Devised originally for the digital currency bitcoin. Information contained in a blockchain consists of a shared and continually reconcilable data. Providing an open decentralised database of every transaction involving value., …

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