Linking Between Applications in Ionic

Linking Between Applications

I was going through some research and found out that developers face a bit of a challenge in linking an app through another app in ionic, with the process being so simple.

Linking between apps means the ability to open an external application that is on your mobile through the app you are currently on.

There are several different plugins that I have tested out with, below are some that are available.

From the few plugins being available, most developers try to find the best solution to come up with. Even though it seems like such a complicated process, it is as simple as ‘ABC’.

My recommended solution will be ‘lampa.startapp’. Below are the steps which you could follow in order to achieve this.

Step 1

Install cordova plugin and add it to your ionic application.

cordova plugin add com.lampa.startapp
cordova plugin add

Step 2

Import plugin to your folder, in which you want to have the linking between.

{ App } from ‘ionic-angular’;

Step 3

Add an Ionic button to have your linking included in your App UI.

Step 4

Include the typescript in your file to be linked with the template. Validation has been included to check app availability.

There you have it, now you would be able to seamlessly open a preferred application.